Your Questions

Why do I want to serve on Park Board?


I want to help people, to make a difference in their lives, to listen to the people of Vancouver, and to help provide leadership. I have the political, business and life experience to do all these as a Park Board Commissioner in Vancouver, serving our community.

Why do I want to run on the Vision Vancouver Team?


Vision is a progressive coalition that works together as a team to improve our city – a progressive coalition that I feel “at home” in. I would help promote that team as an elected official. I trust Vision Vancouver’s leadership and I am enthusiastic about persuading more Vancouver voters to support us.

What can I add to the Vision Team?


Campaigning experience—on cycle safety, in elections, on influencing policy.

Financial experience—questioning and understanding, focusing on doing more with limited resources.

International experience—from rural England, through London and Chicago, I have lived and worked in places that offer ideas to improve our city.

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Mark Mitchell for Park Board