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I am asking for your vote to become President of the Liberal Party of Canada in British Columbia. Over the next two years, we need to work together to deliver Liberal votes and Liberal MPs from BC so that Justin Trudeau is the next Prime Minister of Canada.

I have campaigned in over twenty-five elections, had a leadership role in twenty elections - skills that I brought to bear in Hedy Fry's last three election wins and in many other election victories.  I bring experience from twenty-five years in business, working with people from many backgrounds to bring out the best in all of them. 

I will lead an LPCBC Executive that gives you the tools to deliver winning campaigns in every BC Riding.  That means an LPCBC Executive that works with  each BC Riding President and Riding Executive to provide support through regular contact, listening, training and advice – a responsive Executive that helps you make a difference.

Every vote, every volunteer, every positive conversation – they all help to make us winners, to build our Liberal  movement in Canada, so that we can once again serve the people of Canada in government.




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I enjoyed our telephone conversation you seemed to be as is Justin and most Liberal party members I have met well versed in the exacting change our great nation needs. The return of government to responsible representation of the citizens as opposed to the current administration that dictates procedure human rights and sells out Canada on a bases of the wealthiest sociopaths having there way for Torie silver lined pockets.
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Mark Mitchell for Park Board