Develop a BC Agenda

We need to connect with British Columbians. We need to speak directly to voters. We need to share Justin Trudeau’s vision for Hope and Hard Work. We need to motivate our friends and neighbours to vote Liberal again.  

In 2004 and 2006, the Liberal Party of Canada specifically discussed issues affecting British Columbians. We must be prepared to do so again. This means working directly with the people who best know what’s happening in their communities to build a made-in-BC agenda. We must address both rural and urban issues, and engage the diverse communities that make this province great.

Speak to Women voters

One of my goals as president would be a dedicated women’s strategy. That means every campaign, every riding association executive and the LPCBC executive regularly sitting down to discuss that strategy, in consultation with the BC Women’s Commission, and building a campaign that truly involves and reaches out to women.  This is not just the job of female candidates – every candidate should know how to speak to women on every issue.

Focus on Election Readiness

We’ve heard the talk about the “constant campaign”. We’ve heard from experts who stress the importance of microtargeting. It’s time to take action. 

The summer canvass club in Vancouver ridings generated significant data, and we learned some important lessons. We can now take that program and adapt it for use in every riding across the province. A variety of techniques were tested – door-knocking, telephoning, main-streeting and event outreach, and each of those should be evaluated for each riding. We now have three field workers who can help with that, but they are stretched thin – this is something that the fifteen members of the LPCBC Executive need to help ridings with.

Data collection is only one part of a winning strategy. Every riding needs a plan on how they use that data between now and the election, how they add to it, and must have a concrete, comprehensive election campaign plan ready to go in the next six months.  We must be better prepared than ever before, in every riding, to fight the next election.

As a former riding treasurer and president, and a key member of a successful election campaign in the last election, I bring direct knowledge and experience to that planning, and I will work with the Executive so that they are also assisting ridings.  To give some examples - determining how to target NDP voters in the last week of the campaign, deciding how best to use the last $500 left in the budget, deciding the best strategy for targeting our supporters in the final weekend - they are all questions that I have asked and answered many times over.

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Mark Mitchell for Park Board