These are my personal commitments to you


Election Readiness: under my leadership, LPCBC will: 

  1. Develop training resources on how to effectively campaign against the NDP and the Greens through discussion groups and online workshops.
  2. Have one member of the Executive responsible to talking to each riding Executive on a monthly basis to obtain feedback and discuss campaign strategy.
  3. Work closely with the Women’s Commission, the Youth Commission, The Seniors Commission and the Aboriginal Commission to facilitate regular riding level discussions on how to reach out to those voters.
  4. Assist riding associations with member outreach and involvement.
  5. Help ridings prepare for an early election if it is called.


LPCBC Executive Leadership: under my leadership, LPCBC will:

  1. Issue personal and Executive commitments to you within three months of taking office.
  2. Hold LPCBC Executive meetings in conjunction with the quarterly Riding President (FLC) meetings so that Riding Presidents can hold the Executive directly accountable.
  3. Hold calls at least three times a year with all Riding Executive members to discuss best practice and to enable idea sharing and co-operation.
  4. Publish an annual plan that sets out when all LPCBC Executive and Riding President (FLC) meetings will take place.
  5. Develop a program for communication with members who do not have email addresses or who do not want to be contacted by email.

Standing Up for BC: As President, I will:

  1. On the National Board, continue the work of Brian Rice and Craig Munro in working with other Provincial and Territorial Presidents to deliver specific resources to all Provinces and Territories.
  2. Stand up for BC and avoid being dragged into “Ottawa Politics”.
  3. Focus solely on campaigning for the Liberal Party of Canada, the 2015 Election and any BC federal by-elections; I will not be campaigning in any other elections during my term in office.
  4. Be open to every new idea from every member of the Party and discuss how each of those ideas can take us forward.
  5. Involve every member of the LPCBC Executive in our 2015 election campaign, and help us to contribute to your election victory in 2015.
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