Engaging with voters

The Tories believe in dividing the electorate – they seek to build a list of 40% of the electorate that will support them and ignore the rest – the same campaigning style that the Republicans use. 

As Liberals, we must use the tools that we have to reach out to  100% of the electorate, not just small sections of it. We will have messages that speak to young people, to seniors, to  ethnocultural communities, to aboriginal peoples, to women – and everyone in between. That makes our life more complicated – we are aiming for broad support while talking to each voter as an individual.   

We must address this issue directly, and address it early – so that every one of our telephoners, canvassers and volunteers is trained and understands our message. That means collecting more information on what interests each voter, and speaking to them on those issues, while also emphasizing our overall message.

Working together

Much of the work of the Liberal Party of Canada in British Columbia is behind the scenes – training riding associations, vetting candidates for office, dealing with financial reporting.  The work of Brian Rice in training Riding Executives has started to change that, but we need to follow up, and deliver more information and more training to Ridings.

I am a firm believer in a cooperative management style. That means creating space for discussion of ideas, involving as many people as possible in those discussions, reducing ideas down to workable plans and then delivering those plans. For example – in many Ridings we will be fighting the NDP as well as the Tories for votes. We need to discuss how we campaign against the NDP so that every one of us is as comfortable engaging with a potential NDP voter as we are talking to a potential Tory voter.

On the LPBC Executive I have worked together with the Membership Chair, the Organizational Chair and others to improve membership renewals, to develop supporter signup and to design the Fieldworker Program.

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