Business Experience

Mark has been a key business advisor to business around the world for over twenty-five years, working with clients ranging from sole proprietors to multinational corporations.

He has led teams. He has managed and motivated staff. He has worked in rapidly changing environments and helped turn around struggling businesses.

Business experience across BC

  • Worked in Vancouver, Victoria and Abbotsford.
  • Advised clients across BC—on the Island, in the Interior, Northern BC and the Fraser valley.
  • Clients have included large and small businesses—real estate companies, farmers, trucking companies, financial institutions and individuals.

Teamwork and leadership

Mark’s business experience will help him to be a better Vision Vancouver Candidate. He knows the importance of listening—of every team member learning from the team. He knows the importance of engagement—of hearing everyone out—because some of the best ideas come from unexpected places.

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Mark Mitchell for Park Board